Poly Pro Tools

Quality Shovels and Scoops

Poly Pro Tools specializes in creating innovative scoops and shovels for snow removal, landscaping, and bulk material transfer. Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, gardener, or horse enthusiast, our tools are designed to make your life easier. Listed below are quality products designed for shoveling or scooping everything from snow to grain to mulch.


The Tuffy/Tuffy Jr.

The all-purpose Tuffy shovels are great for landscaping, construction tasks, and much more! They are a durable, non-sparking, non-rusting, and lightweight material handling solution.

The Titan

Titan shovels

The Titan shovels make snow removal and bulk material transport easy. The unique shovel design, including the “D” Grip and blade grip, can reduce physical strain when lifting heavy loads.

The Hinja

Hinja collapsible shovels

The Hinja is a collapsible shovel that can be easily stored or transported. This makes it an excellent option for emergency snow removal, camping, and many lawn and garden tasks.

The Mega Scoop

Mega Scoops

The Mega Scoop is designed to handle bulk materials with ease. Whether used for scooping ice melt, feed, or any other loose product, this scoop gets the job done fast.

The Handi Scoops

Handi Scoops

The Handi Scoop is a simple and effective solution to address many different material handling challenges. Available in three sizes, these scoops provide quality in every size.

About Poly Pro Tools

Poly Pro Tools is a brand offered by Remco, a company that specializes in providing uniquely engineered polymer tools. Headquartered in Zionsville, Indiana with distribution throughout North America, 100% of Poly Pro tools are manufactured in the United States and are currently available through many retail hardware stores, catalogs, and e-commerce companies. Our product line consists of a variety of unique and durable shovels and hand scoops that are designed to succeed where other tools fail. Remco has nearly 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and distribution of professional polymer tools for the industrial, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Founder Richard Garrison built Remco on two key principles–quality products and excellent customer service. These values are just as important to Poly Pro Tools today.

With a variety of professional-grade tools now available to the homeowner, farmer, gardener, horse enthusiast, and more, scooping everything from snow to mulch becomes less of a burden. From our simple but effective hand scoop to our virtually indestructible line of shovels–our goal is to make life easier for whatever task our customers face.

For over 35 years, Remco has strived to bring new and innovative products to market. This philosophy has also been built into the DNA of Poly Pro Tools and is an invaluable trait to our customers.


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